Actually, it was a week at the beach. We enjoyed Pompano Beach at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a few weeks ago. The resort was Wyndham Royal Vista. We literally walked out our door, across the swimming pool deck and onto the beach. There we could veg as we watched the ocean waves, walk along the beach or jump into the world’s largest natural swimming pool and float around. (I call it the world’s largest pool because all the oceans are, in reality, one body of water.

We checked in on a Saturday. Late that night we went to WalMart and bought groceries. We returned to the resort and did not leave again until the next Saturday when we went to the airport! We needed the chill time and we got it. We did a little work on And I worked on my sermon for the Sunday when we returned. Other than that we did really important stuff, like that mentioned in the paragraph above. We fixed simple meals in the kitchen and ate on the balcony overlooking the Atlantic. We read some. I worked crosswords and other puzzles on the beach. We watched some TV. Otherwise the two of us just enjoyed each other’s company, and got to meet some really nice people, as well.

We rented a couple of lounge chairs and an umbrella on the beach from a local vendor. It was inexpensive. That vendor offered a lot of other options to rent: banana boat rides, surf and boogie boards, jet skis, parasailing, giant trampoline island, and more. He also sells excellent sun protection products and ladies’ coverups. We watched others play volleyball on the beach, snorkel in the water, wade in and disappear under the water for scuba diving, and do some fishing. Cruise ships sailed by regularly. All in all, we basically enjoyed a relaxing nothing. The only real cost to us was the plane tickets to get there—and we work hard to find great deals there, also.

Our site has fallen behind because of our busy schedules, which are made more complex by all the people we have helped to experience vacations like our own. We will be working to get it updated. In the meantime, give us a call, or contact us through the site, and let us know when and where you would like to relax. We will do our best to add you the rapidly growing list of those who are extremely satisfied with our work. Look at the Resort Directory to see all the Wyndham Vacation Resorts and choose one that is appealing to you. Then contact us and we will give you the best price possible for a timeshare rental—guaranteed to knock your socks off! (But who needs socks on the beach?)

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