It is spring break time for many people. Last week we used some of our points to stay at the Wyndham Vacation Resort at Lake Tahoe. We visited Tahoe in the summer and loved it. So we decided to go back at spring break and try the skiing. It was a great experience! It has been a low snow year there, but it snowed on us most of the time and the skiing was fun.

There are Wyndham Vacation Resorts all around the nation. And we have access to all of them. Check out the Resort Directory to view any or all of them.

Over the past seven months we had had the privilege of helping well over one hundred families enjoy quality vacation times in twenty-one different resorts. In Florida we have placed people in two Orlando locations, Daytona, Ft. Lauderdale and Panama City. South of there we have sent people to two resorts in St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands.

Further north up the coast we have given people timeshares to rent in Williamsburg, VA, and at National Harbor in the D.C area. Plus we have rented units in Skyline Towers at Atlantic City.

As you move west, people have relished in their condos in Nashville and the Great Smokys of Tennessee. There are three locations in Branson, Missouri, that have housed people through us. Others have enjoyed the San Antonio Riverwalk while residing in a Wyndham Vacation Resort.

Out west, there has been summer and winter enjoyment at Pagosa, Colorado, and South Shore on Lake Tahoe. The Wyndham in Las Vegas has been a popular timeshare resort. Others have found their way to Dolphin’s Cove in Anaheim, California.

Hawaii is home to several Wyndhams and we have assisted several to view the Aloha State while vacationing in two of them.

The last time I wrote I included some of the positive responses of our guests. I said I would include more in this writing, but we have been so busy helping people, I haven’t had the time to collect the rest of the comments together. I am still working on that. In the meantime, do check out all the resorts. If you visit the Specials Page you will probably find that it is not up to date. Again, that’s because we have been so busy answering phone calls and emails and comments from this site that I have not kept up. Visit the Resort Directory, choose a location and a date and contact us for availability and a super price if it is available. The more time you can give us the better chances there are of getting you request and getting a great price!

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