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September 4, 2012

A few weeks ago we found ourselves once again at the Wyndham Resort Bonnet Creek in Orlando. We stayed in a beautiful two-bedroom, overlooking the small lake in the center of the resort and with a view of the surrounding area. We were up high—not the best location for my acrophobia—with a far-reaching view. I had to conquer a little of that unreasonable fear in order to inch onto the balcony and peer over the edge.

When I was able to look down, I could see the different pools in the resort and see across the lake to the miniature golf course, one of the free amenities there.

With a location right in the middle of Disney property, it is simple to get to any of the parks. If Disney is your preference, it is a free shuttle ride over. We chose to take the short drive to Sea World for a visit with Shamu and his sea creature friends. We were able to secure a two-day deal, so we split our visit into parts of two days at our convenience, and in which we captured the best weather.

Otherwise, it was kicking back at the resort for the most part. We cooked most of our meals in the fully equipped kitchen. No, it wasn’t gourmet restaurant food; it was more microwavable stuff we picked up at the store. Hey, we were on vacation so we were chilling. We played miniature golf a few times. (I have to admit that she beat me a couple of times.) And we lazed around the river, sat by the pools and walked around the lake. I managed to complete a few crosswords, Sudoku and other related items. And I got a bit of reading done. The wifi in the unit helped us keep up with some business items. We didn’t make use of the hot tubs, but they are there, along with all the exercise stuff for the body connoisseurs.

We flew into Orlando and rented a car. Look for good deals and you might find one. When you make all the arrangements and listen to all the spiels of how they want to squeeze a little more from your financial bucket, there are a couple of things to avoid. Don’t prepay for a full tank of gas. You might save a few minutes at the pump, but you will spend more dollars because you won’t bring it back empty. Secondly, don’t purchase the toll road fast-pass so you can speed by the toll gates. It costs about $37 and, unless you’re going to drive a lot on toll roads, you don’t need it. Grab a few coins from the piggy bank and take them with you; we spent less than $10 on tolls—and we could have avoided that.

Depending on availability we can get you into Bonnet Creek and other Wyndham timeshare resorts. Check out the Wyndham Vacation Resorts and WorldMarks; click on Resort Directory and follow the prompts. Choose a location and contact us.

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