What are people saying about their stays at some of the Wyndham resorts? We have received comments by email, text and phone—and all of them are great! People have been exceptionally pleased with the timeshare units at the Wyndhams we have reserved for them. Read some comments below, identified by first name and location of Wyndham Vacation Resort.

Lisa: Just want to let you know we had a great time in Pagosa! Thank you so much.

Barbara (Nashville): We are home and it was great!! How far ahead can we book the same week for next year?

Carol: Thank you for our wonderful deluxe condo at Wyndham Resort in Nashville. We were across the street from the Opryland complex, great location! I will definitely rent from you again!

Dorothy (Bonnet Creek): I am constantly looking for rooms for others!! Anytime someone is looking for a place to stay, they always come to me. Please expect me to send a lot of business your way. Thanks again.

Jim and Shirley: We recently completed a family reunion at Nashville Wyndham. We needed 4 units and due to the varying dates that family members needed, we were having a hard time finding and reserving the needed units as this was a very busy time of year for Nashville Wyndham. Herb and Patty Mims came to our rescue. They found the units that we needed at very low fees and were very patient in answering all of our questions. Wyndham Nashville was wonderful. All of the units had been renovated from last years’ flood and all of our needs were met courteously and promptly. I have never seen such good entertainment provided by Wyndham at such low prices. Their many shuttle services to events were much appreciated. A good time was had by all. We will definitely use Herb and Patty for our future travel needs!

JoHanna & Scotty, Bonnet Creek: Best room ever!! We had a blast at Disney and then we went on to W. Palm Beach. We truly appreciate the great room at Bonnet Creek. Thanks again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

John & Janis, Branson: Our family wanted to thank you and let you know we had a great vacation getaway, one we will never forget. It was very relaxing. Would you have the same thing available in June? Thank you.

We were able to upgrade Kris to a larger unit before going to Ocean Walk. She wrote: That’s so cool!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I appreciate the “extras”! My daughter will be so excited to celebrate her 16th birthday “in style” with an Ocean View!!!!

We have been able to provide timeshare accommodations for a lot of people. There are other comments which I will include in the next blog. Treat yourself to a great vacation checking out our timeshares to rent! Visit the Specials Page to see what is reserved. Visit the Resort Directory to see all the Wyndhams.

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