Ocean Boulevard

We have not been there, but it’s on our “we’d-like-to-go-there-sometime” list. “There” is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We have been to Atlantic beaches along much of the east coast, but never in South Carolina. We have heard of the beauty of the area. The pictures we have seen affirm it. The beaches are covered with pure white sand, giving the endless view of the expanse of the ocean.

Wyndham offers five resorts at Myrtle Beach. The most majestic are the high rise resorts Wyndham Ocean Boulevard, Wyndham Sea Watch Plantation and Wyndham Vacation Resorts Towers on the Grove at North Myrtle Beach. Each overlooks the ocean, with a very high view from the top. Though not as tall, Wyndham Westwinds also rises toward the sky on the shore. The fifth resort, Wyndham at the Cottages, has more of the rustic feel.

If you enjoy the life and feel of a high rise, one of the four Wyndham resorts along the beach is for you. Wyndham at the Cottages, on the other hand, consists of three- and four-bedroom residential style cottage dwellings. They are designed to fit any size family, and are especially convenient for reunions and large groups. You can experience the best of Myrtle Beach pleasures form a neighborhood setting, comfortable and relaxed as your own back yard. It is just a short walk to Ocean Boulevard and the Wyndham by that name, where you are welcome to enjoy all the amenities of the high rise.

Of course the greatest attraction of the area is the beach. But the atmosphere of Myrtle Beach goes beyond the sandy shores. Ocean Boulevard is a resort area with all the life of such. There’s a variety of cuisine for your dining along with the local activities.

The first thing is the quality of the resorts. Both Ocean Walk and Wyndham Nashville are beautiful resorts. The accommodations are top notch. The amenities of the resorts are very attractive and fun.

Go to the Resort Directory and check out all five timeshare resorts. If you are not a Wyndham owner it is between difficult and impossible to stay at any of them. You cannot just walk up and say, “I want to rent a timeshare unit.” The only way is to be a guest of an owner. That’s where we can help. As Wyndham owners, we have the privilege of booking at any of the Wyndhams, depending on availability. And because of our status, we can guarantee some of the lowest prices you will see. Check out our Specials Page and look at some of the deals we have already reserved. If you don’t see what you need, contact us and let us know your desired location and time. Utilize a timeshare rental and have a great vacation experience.

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