The summer is about to officially end. Yeah, I know school has started, so in that respect summer has already disappeared.

It has been a frustrating summer for many people finding a vacation location. We received a ton of calls during the last three months from those looking for last minute accommodations at a nice resort. Many believe booking a resort is like calling up a hotel just before pulling into town and requesting a room for the night. And we have been able to accommodate a few people that late. One person called up and wanted to stay at Wyndham Nashville that night. We were able to book him in. My wife told him by the time he reached the resort, they would have his reservation at the desk. He replied, “I’m sitting in the parking lot now.”

It doesn’t usually work that way, especially in the summer and at a few other peak times. People vacation in the summer for a number of reasons—school is out, the weather is nice, and it is just the time to take a vacation. Or people go at other peak times because of holidays and time off from work. So vacation resorts and timeshares fill up rapidly during those heavy vacation times.

So here are a few tips. First, plan ahead for your vacation, particularly in the peak seasons. For summer, start now. We can get you in most resorts at a time of your choice for next summer now, although we have already found some weeks booked because of special events. For Christmas, the availability is rapidly decreasing. If you haven’t already booked something get going, like yesterday.

Unless you are planning to attend a big event in a certain location, try not to go then. Use the Internet (I know you can because you found us) and see what is happening at your proposed destination. If you want to go to the event, book early. Start calling us, for example, a year before and we can look as soon as a location becomes available.

In the fall and spring, times when the children are in school, it is generally easier to find what you desire. We have rented many timeshares at resorts with less notice in those seasons. But even so, we can usually get you a better price and closer to your exact needs with more time.

One more thing to note. Hotels and resorts differ in many ways. For example, you can cancel a hotel reservation just before the date. That is not true for vacation resorts. We cannot cancel a reservation less than fifteen days before check-in or we lose our points. We can hold a reservation during that time for the day and cancel before closing at night, but we cannot hold it overnight if it is not booked.

We want you to have a great vacation! Contact us in time. Check out the resorts on the directory. And rent the timeshare of your dreams.

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