What is the best time to book a timeshare for your vacation? We have addressed that question before but it keeps coming up, so here are some additional things to consider. Part of this will contradict what we have written previously. This will give you the most updated information.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts fill up quickly and early, especially at popular resorts and during high season times. If you are planning a vacation during a high traffic time, book early. High priority times include holidays and holiday seasons. Three- and four-day weekends are appealing getaway times for quickie vacations. Thanksgiving and Christmas give opportunity for families to take off during the school year. Spring breaks differ somewhat, but there are always at least a couple of very popular weeks. Resort areas are very busy during these periods, as well as in the summertime.

Other high usage times for resorts are big events. Daytona has races. Nashville has music events. There are large conventions. The larger the event, the harder it is to find a place to stay.

As Wyndham high priority owners we have the ability to book any Wyndham resort ten months prior to check-in. If you are planning to vacation at a timeshare resort during one of the busy times, give us plenty of notice and we can reserve early. It is less critical for times and resorts that are less popular, but you still have more choice when you book early.

We can book all the way up to the time you desire, depending on availability. The biggest consideration is that the selection is more limited for last minute requests. We have been able to fulfill some very late requests, however. Sometimes there are last minute cancellations that we can pick up.

What about the cost? Aren’t last minute reservations cheaper? At first, we thought they were. But we have elevated our status as Wyndham owners and that has given us additional privileges. And because of that we can offer lower prices for early bookings. Sometimes we can get upgrades to a larger unit for no additional cost. To get the lowest price for the advance reservations, however, we cannot issue a guest certificate with a person’s name affixed until sixty days prior to arrival date. We are able to provide other guarantees of a confirmed reservation before the guest certificate is sent.

The bottom line is this: plan your vacation early enough to give us time to find what you want and then be patient while we ensure the best possible price for you. Check out the Resort Directory Map on this site. Look at our specials page to see what we have already booked. Unless someone has just booked it, it will be available “as is” or with slight modification. Contact us with your request and we will do our best to help you. It is easy to rent a timeshare through us if it is available.

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