When it comes to renting a timeshare for your vacation, there are terms you need to understand and things you need to know. This article is intended to help you with some of those.

If you read our ads, you will see a variety of unit sizes and configurations. Here’s a thumbnail of the unit types. The smallest is a studio; it is one room with a bed, mini-kitchen and living area (possibly with a sleeper sofa) and a separate bathroom. One-, two-, three- and four-bedrooms refer to the number of unique bedrooms. A suite is normally the smallest one-bedroom, followed in rising order by one-bedroom, one-bedroom deluxe and in some resort one-bedroom presidential. The words deluxe and presidential add size and plushness to the units. A lock-off is the combination of a smaller and larger unit, adjoined by a door to make an even larger unit. The most commonly seen is a two-bedroom lock-off, consisting of a one bedroom suite and a one-bedroom deluxe and includes two of each—bedroom, bath, living area and kitchen. Size of these units and the number each sleeps varies from resort to resort, so you need to ask. We were privileged to stay in a four-bedroom presidential one time when we had several families in and out with us; it was massively elegant.

The price of units varies from resort to resort and season to season, also. The price we can give you for a timeshare rental depends on the amount of points (a system of evaluating units) the resort charges. One thing to consider is that older resorts usually take less points than the newer ones. We work to give you the best deal for your money. One way we do that is by upgrading from smaller to larger units when we can do so (both must be available) and giving you the price of the smaller. Also, we can half-price the units at sixty days before check-in. We will work with you on your unique situation.

The lower prices do occur during the sixty days immediately prior to the reservation, but the more time you give us, the better chances we have of fulfilling your vacation needs and giving you the best price. This is especially true when you want something during a holiday or special event. For example, we have received a couple of calls for New Orleans for the first weekend of February 2013. And when we approach that weekend, we will get a lot more. You see, it is Super Bowl weekend in New Orleans. If you wait, you will miss it. Even now, the only way you will find something is if we, or someone else, has one already reserved. The greater the event, the more time we need.

Contact us to rent a vacation timeshare. Click on the Resort Directory to see all the Wyndham Vacation Resorts and make your choice. You will become our priority.

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